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29 Jun OG Automotive Car Care Products
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OG is the manufacturer of professional car cleaning and detailing supplies for NTI Express Auto Care (Car Wash And Car Detailing Brand) with 18 branches in Hong Kong. From interior to exterior of the ..
02 Aug OG Disinfectant Spray + Nano Spray Gun Set
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OG Disinfectant Spray + Nano Spray Gun Set : OG has launched 7 kinds of scented aromatherapy disinfection sprays, together with a nano spray gun, allowing you to DIY disinfection, deodorization, aroma..
02 Aug OG All Purpose Degreasing Cleanser
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product description : Multi-purpose environmentally friendly grease stain remover. Safe to use on any material surface. Especially effective for removing stains on plastic, metal and leather surfaces...
02 Aug OG dry fog cabin disinfection
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Disinfection of carriages Car Compartment Disinfection It is not enough to wash the body of a car. Many bacteria and viruses in the car come from the inside of the car. Take a closer look at where bac..
02 Aug OG Disinfectant Spray
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OG Disinfectant Spray : [OG Disinfectant Spray] is a multi-purpose personal care spray with functions including disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, anti-itching, anti-inflammatory, and dewormi..
02 Aug OG Glass Cleaner and Conditioner
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product description : TOG glass cleaning and care agent adopts a breakthrough environmentally friendly cleaning formula. After long-term use, a layer of anti-fouling and dust-proof protective layer i..
02 Aug Flash shield vs plated crystal, do you know these?
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Flash Shield VS Plating Crystal, do you know these? The core raw materials of OG II flash shield and coating are nano-silicone polymers or silicon dioxide extracted from petroleum. The process of ma..
02 Aug OG Disinfectant Sanitizers
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【OG消毒喷雾】功能包含消毒、杀菌、除臭、止痒、消炎、驱虫的多用途个人护理喷雾,备有多种香薰味道供个人喜好选择。个别芬芳的香薰味道除了对以上功能有针对性的特效功效外,更能舒缓神经,减少生活压力。【OG消毒喷雾】的消毒成分经美国环保局(US EPA)认证能有效杀灭多种流行性病毒,抑制细菌生长,高效防止细菌病毒因人与人及人与物的交叉感染。产品亦经过政府认可实验室严格测试至人和动物适合使用的化妆品级别安..
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