Flash Shield VS Plating Crystal, do you know these?

The core raw materials of OG II flash shield and coating are nano-silicone polymers or silicon dioxide extracted from petroleum.

The process of making crystals

The characteristics of the nano-materials used for crystal plating are non-toxic, highly transparent, colorless, odorless, non-flammable, anti-oxidative, temperature-difference-resistant, insulator, anticorrosion, and water-repellent. It is an oily liquid with high viscosity. , but when it is dissolved in a solvent such as Aston, it is a crystal-plated product on the market, and the production of crystalplated is that simple!

The hardness of the plating

Different types of solvents can be used to give different hardnesses. The anti-oxidation and alkali resistance of the nano-coating raw materials are greatly reduced by the mixing of the nano-materials and the solvent. The coated crystals will harden and turn yellow under the influence of sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and even crack after a period of time. It will also damage the plated crystals like ultraviolet rays. The higher the hardness of the plated crystals, the faster the evolution. Therefore, it is not recommended to use car wash liquid after the vehicle is plated with crystals, because most car wash shops on the market use alkaline car wash liquid!

The making of the flash shield

The main raw materials of the flash shield and the coating crystal are also nano-coating, respectively, no solvent such as Aston is mixed in the flash shield, and a variety of protective agents are added to make the nano-coating can be combined with water to form a highly flexible liquid protective film, which does not exist. It has various disadvantages of the above-mentioned crystal plating, such as yellowing, cracking, fear of alkali and so on.

Flash Shield is versatile

Another breakthrough of the flash shield is also reflected in the wide range of applications and construction requirements. Flash shields can be applied to different parts of the vehicle, such as paint, glass, wheels, leather, plastic parts, and more. The construction process is also not limited by rainwater and dust-free workshops.

Flash Shield is a crystal-plated upgrade product

Because there is no curing solvent added to the flash shield, its physical properties such as acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance are not weakened at all. Temperature difference resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., is a new generation of subversive car beauty care products after crystal plating. It solves the shortcomings of crystal plating in the past. The highly transparent crystal protective layer of flash shield can show the bright colors of the car paint. Today's car beauty care products of choice!

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