OG Disinfectant Spray + Nano Spray Gun Set :

OG has launched 7 kinds of scented aromatherapy disinfection sprays, together with a nano spray gun, allowing you to DIY disinfection, deodorization, aromatherapy, mosquito repellent and insect repellent work in different scenarios

Application range :

It can be used for home and industry and commerce, including automobiles, residences, offices, beauty salons, pet stores, restaurants, KTV, hotels, schools and other venues for disinfection, deodorization, aromatherapy, mosquito repellent and insect repellent work.

【 OG Disinfectant Spray 】 A multi-purpose personal care spray with functions including disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, anti-itching, anti-inflammatory, and deworming, with a variety of aromather‐ apy flavors for personal preference. In addition to the specific effects of the above-mentioned functions, the individual fragrant aromatherapy scents can relieve nerves and reduce life stress

The disinfectant ingredients of [OG Disinfectant Spray] have been certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) to effectively kill a variety of epidemic viruses, inhibit bacterial growth, and effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria and viruses due to human-to-human and human-to-things. The products have also been rigorously tested by government-accredited laboratories to meet the cos‐ metic-level safety standards suitable for human and animal use.

【OG Disinfection Spray】
Approved effective kitchen food-grade tableware sanitizers for the Food Ring Office.

[OG Disinfectant Spray] was introduced into Hong Kong from the United States during SARS in 2003. It has been used by more than one million people since its origin. Many government departments have also purchased and used it for a long time. The main departments include the Immigration Department, the Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong Airport, and many other Large enterprises and hospitals.

Instructions :

Pour 35mLOG disinfectant spray mixed with 300mL distilled water into the container of the nano sprayer, and start the sprayer to spray on the place that needs to be treated

Instructions :

Spray OG glass cleaning and care agent directly on the surface of glass and materials, then wipe with a clean rag until it is clear and dry. It is better to use a nano-fiber rag.

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