Disinfection of carriages
Car Compartment Disinfection

It is not enough to wash the body of a car. Many bacteria and viruses in the car come from the inside of the car. Take a closer look at where bacteria and viruses hide in various parts of the car.

Air Conditioning System

Air-conditioning is the place that emits the most bacteria, because it not only contacts the interior, but also contacts the outside world. After the impurities, dust, bacteria, and viruses in the air enter the compartment, they will remain on the built-in evaporator. If there is an odor in the airconditioning, it should be paid attention immediately, because this is the phenomenon of bacterial growth, and it means that a lot of bacteria have grown, which will directly affect human health.

steering wheel

The steering wheel is the part where the owner's hands touch the most. Initially, the bacteria from the hands are transmitted to the steering wheel, and the bacteria left on the steering wheel continue to breed. After the owner drives again, the bacteria will attach to the hands again. This cycle is repeated, and the bacteria accumulate more and more. After the owner leaves the car, his hands touch other items, especially food, and the bacteria content is particularly high. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the disinfection and sterilization of the steering wheel.

seat door panel

As a tool that is in direct contact with the human body, after long-term use, food residues, water stains, etc. remain in the gaps, and more or less dirt will be hidden. These dirts are easy to breed bacteria and viruses, which will threaten if you are not careful. Healthy body.

storage compartment

When we are in the car, we often put the sundries in the storage compartment. After a period of time, bacteria and viruses will quietly multiply and grow.

carpet floor mat

The most easily dirty inside the car is the carpet floor mats. Generally speaking, the floor mats purchased by yourself need to be cleaned from time to time. However, the carpet mats that follow the car are often integrated with the car, which is not easy to clean. All bacteria and viruses remain in the carpet mats, and it is difficult to suppress the growth of bacteria and viruses. In case of rainy days, the carpet floor is wet, which is a good time for bacteria and viruses to breed

Choose the right cabin disinfectant

First of all, it should be noted that the disinfection methods that are not recommended in the car include alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, corrosive, toxic disinfectants, ultraviolet light, ozone and other types of disinfectants and methods. , alloys, velvet, color materials and other valuable car decorations cause permanent damage.

【 OG Disinfection and Sterilization Spray】 [OG Disinfection and Sterilization Spray] is a kind of disinfectant suitable for use in the carriage. In addition to being approved by relevant government departments to kill coronavirus and various epidemic bacteria and viruses, this disinfectant also has a series of materials and safety for humans and animals. Accredited laboratory certificate.
OG dry fog cabin disinfection treatment

When sterilizing the cabin, many dead spots in the cabin need to be considered, such as the air conditioning system, seat bottom, jewelry box, and gaps that cannot be sterilized by ordinary wiping or surface treatment. For cabin disinfection, OG adopts the world's new dry fog. Disinfection treatment method, use fine atomizing equipment to atomize the disinfectant to a diameter of less than 1 micrometer (μm), float in the space in the car in the form of aerosol, and contact the materials in the car for a long time, infiltrating every Corners, including all concealed airconditioning ducts, seat bottoms, and gaps, have 360° all-round contact. All bacteria and viruses hidden in the cabin will be destroyed by the effect of disinfectants, creating a clean and sterile cabin space. , to give owners and passengers a high degree of health protection.

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