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02 Aug OG Disinfectant Spray + Nano Spray Gun Set
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OG Disinfectant Spray + Nano Spray Gun Set : OG has launched 7 kinds of scented aromatherapy disinfection sprays, together with a nano spray gun, allowing you to DIY disinfection, deodorization, aroma..
02 Aug OG All Purpose Degreasing Cleanser
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product description : Multi-purpose environmentally friendly grease stain remover. Safe to use on any material surface. Especially effective for removing stains on plastic, metal and leather surfaces...
02 Aug OG dry fog cabin disinfection
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Disinfection of carriages Car Compartment Disinfection It is not enough to wash the body of a car. Many bacteria and viruses in the car come from the inside of the car. Take a closer look at where bac..
02 Aug OG Disinfectant Spray
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OG Disinfectant Spray : [OG Disinfectant Spray] is a multi-purpose personal care spray with functions including disinfection, sterilization, deodorization, anti-itching, anti-inflammatory, and dewormi..
02 Aug Flash shield vs plated crystal, do you know these?
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Flash Shield VS Plating Crystal, do you know these? The core raw materials of OG II flash shield and coating are nano-silicone polymers or silicon dioxide extracted from petroleum. The process of ma..
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