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Since established in 1932, for the past 86 years Stone Soap has been specializing its business in research, development, and manufacturing of environmental cleaning detergents for various industrial and commercial applications. OG being the brand jointly owned by Stone Soap and NTI has committed to produce the highest standard of quality of products meeting the local needs and demand of cleaning detergents, design for ease of use, environmentally safety, as well as superior cleaning performance. OG only produces a selective range of high quality products, continuously updating the product profile to meet the ever changing cleaning requirements and demands of today’s market. OG never list out any outdated products.i


EM Stone is a joint venture company of NTI in Hong Kong and Stone Soap in Michigan, USA. EM Stone with a combined over 100 years of experience in detergent manufacturing possessing the skills and technology of manufacturing World class environmental detergents and other coating care products meeting the cleaning needs of industrial, commercial, institutional, and home use. Products sold through EM Stone is under the trade name OG.

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